Prior to launching nationally in their first supermarket, Binary Botanical dropped us a line to see if we would help generate brand awareness and encourage sales of their delicious, sustainable beverage.

Of course, we said yes!

When we started Hexe Digital, we made a pact that we would only work with brands we love, brands that inspire us to do better, to BE better. Binary Botanical fits that brief perfectly.

Cofounded by two empowering females, Binary has a really distinct and refreshing flavour profile. Let us tell you why. Traditionally, beer is made using the cone (the flower bit) of the hop plant. The clever ladies at Binary however, using their vast knowledge of brewing, use a byproduct of the brewing process – the leaves – to create their tangy, light beer. If you can call it a beer…

You see, the reason why they founded Binary was due to a mutual dislike of the ‘hoppiness’ of beer, and a lack of light alternatives to a glass of wine. With brewers choosing to remove hop leaves due to their bitterness, the Binary team actively chose to use them. And they do create a really distinct flavour, which is almost more akin to prosecco than beer, causing beer aficionados much confusion and leaving wine lovers rejoicing!

This formed the basis of our campaign for them – #BeerNotBeer – encouraging those of a curious nature to try Binary and define it.

Check back in for a full campaign report as we launch. And don’t forget to hit up Sainsbury’s to grab your Binary!

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